thumb-imgKids Port is filled with fun activities that do not serve only as kids’ enjoyment but the kind that promotes motor development, problem solving skills, and even social skills where the child plays or does activities with other kids. Every activity is different for every age group but the aim is all the same—to foster well rounded development in the child.

Our activities include:

  • Basic coloring activities
  • Drawing
  • Puzzles
  • Newly devised games and activities that promotes thinking, movement, speech, development of talents, learning of new skills, and interaction
  • Outdoor play
  • Field trips
  • Early morning and late afternoon activities

Sometimes, we create new activities based on the specific group of children at the facility. There is no one game that is just perfect for everyone. Observation and compassion is key to making children happy and enjoy their first few years of education. At Kids Port, we just love to make children happy and build their intelligence through activities that help them grow in their skills and talents.

Contact Information

1505 Sunset Road
Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074
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Phone: 262-284-6595

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday : 5:00 am - 6:00 pm

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