Kids Port sees it as our responsibility to provide early childhood education that helps the children in their transition to school age. We are dedicated to carefully designing programs that are appropriate for every age group’s learning requirements.

We methodize learning that helps the children grow in all human aspects—physically, mentally, socially, and cognitively in a totally engaging and memorable way.

Kids Port programs are as follows:

According to research and our personal professional experiences, children learn better when they feel comfortable with their educators, environment, and co-learners. At Kids Port, we build rapport with everyone as quickly as possible, so that their effortless academic learning starts in their childhood years – building a lifelong love for learning.

Contact Information

1505 Sunset Road
Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074
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Phone: 262-284-6595

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday : 5:00 am - 6:00 pm

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